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Harsch Crock, Fermenting & Sauerkraut Crock Pots

It is important to note that as of August 2013, Harsch Crock Pots are not longer being made by the Harsch company, and production has ceased.

This means once the below Harsch items are no longer available, Harsch is gone for good. As the single largest seller of Harsch Crock Pots, Harvest Essentials continues to seek and evaluate options to the Harsch Pots.

At the present time, the closest Crock Pot available to the Harsch quality is the Nik Schmitt Fermenting Pot. Nik Schmitt is also a German manufactured fermentation crock pot. It has a great reputation and has been manufactured in Germany for many year. This traditional pot is suitable for almost all types of vegetables including cabbage, cucumber, carrots, pumpkin, and more. The Nik Schmitt Stoneware is neutral for all fermented vegetables and doesn't need any special storage or care. The Nik Schmiit pots are very similar in color, though slightly darker, and come complete with lid, weighting stones and instruction booklet.

For our complete line of crock pots available including Nik Schmitt, please click HERE. If you've landed on this page looking for the larger size Harsch Fermenting Crock Pots, the larger size pots from Schmitt are available below.