When working with tough fruit rinds or rigid stalks of leafy greens, it helps to have a triturating or twin-gear mechanism in a juicer. Tough cell walls of fruits and vegetables such as spinach, carrots, and watermelon rinds are full of beneficial nutrients that many regular centrifugal juicers will simply never be able to access. Triturating, however, involves twin jangs, or rollers, that press together with tremendous force to extract the most juice possible.

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Triturating Juicers from Green Star
Among the high-yield, low noise triturating juicers that we carry at Harvest Essentials is the entire Green Star line. This award-winning company produces triturating juicers of the highest quality designed to provide you with multi-functionality and easy clean up. Within their wide juicer line of products is the perfect one for your needs.

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