If style is as important to your kitchen appliances as power, then you'll love the Waring Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender. At Harvest Essentials, we bring consumers this excellent entry-level blender for 33 percent off of the retail price every day. It looks great, works beautifully, and the price is right at Harvest Essentials.

Most consumers know the Waring name and know it stands for quality. The Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender is no exception. The RPM meter sits right on the front for easy visibility while you blend. The brushed stainless steel base not only looks retro cool, but it also houses a heavy-duty 500-watt motor with a half horsepower.

Great Features with the Waring Pro Blender
The 48-ounce glass carafe sits on top of the retro base and makes cooking and baking easy with its measurements in both English and metric. Use the pulse feature or just run the Waring Pro how you want and note the RPMs on the meter on its base. The Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender has proven to be a winner for Waring. Its perfect blend of retro style and modern technology has made it a favorite in stylish kitchens everywhere.

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