VitaMix has long been synonymous with quality when it comes to blenders. Blenders are their specialty and they do them brilliantly, for both the discerning home chef, and the professional kitchen chef. At Harvest Essentials, we're proud to offer up to 40 percent off of retail prices on several of the top VitaMix blenders for these markets.

The VitaMix 4500 TurboBlend blender is one of the high-end blenders for home kitchens. This two-speed blender will chop, blend, grate, and grind better than just about any other home blender. It doesn't jam or grab--it simply gives you serious power, delivered at 218 miles per hour, to get the exact results you're looking for every time.

VitaMix Blenders and Space Age Technology
The VitaMix 35100 Touch & Go blender actually has NASA-level technology built right in. A NASA sound engineer completed the design so that the Touch & Go can blend at top speeds without drowning out a conversation occurring right next to it. Power is one thing, but in a restaurant setting, in particular, subtlety is also critical.

All VitaMix blenders that we offer at Harvest Essentials have incredible technology and design elements built right in. They give you more reliability, more power, and less noise, whether you use them in your home or in the food service industry. Contact us at Harvest Essentials for further comparison facts and let us help you select the VitaMix blenders that are perfect for your needs.