Not many blenders designed for the consumer kitchen can boast the ability to crush a half-gallon of ice in three seconds. However, the VitaMix 4500 blender can do this, in addition to just about any other blending task you ask of it. The VitaMix 4500 features a two-speed, two-plus peak horsepower motor that blends at up to 218 miles per hour.

Harvest Essentials is your source for the kitchen machines that let you stay healthy and cook easily from home. The VitaMix 4500 blender has an impressive five-year warranty for home use, which virtually no other company offers. Plus, you'll love the versatility of the VitaMix 4500 blender, as it can also be used as a grinder, food processor, grater, and more.

Get the Power behind the VitaMix 4500 Blender
The stainless steel blade with sealed ball bearing feature works in concert with the powerful motor to give you complete consistency blend after blend, whether you're crushing ice or making your favorite sauce. To learn more about the VitaMix 4500 blender, contact our staff at Harvest Essentials. Whether you click on "Live Chat" or call us toll-free, we're here to answer any and all questions you may have.

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