Vita Mix is one of the top names for commercial blender technology. They understand how much blenders are used in modern commercial kitchens and cafes and have designed their machines accordingly. At Harvest Essentials, we carry two exceptional Vita Mix commercial blender options: the Vita Mix Vita-Prep commercial blender, and the Vita Mix Drink Machine Commercial blender. In fact, we offer each for up to 36 percent off the retail price, every day of the year.

Seen in professional kitchens everywhere, the Vita Mix Vita-Prep commercial blender features an incredibly powerful two-plus peak horsepower motor and runs at 37,000 revolutions per minute. Professional chefs use this commercial blender for a variety of tasks, such as purees, chopping prep, and grinding spices--not to mention all the items one normally uses a blender for!

The Vita Mix Commercial Blender for Professionals
The Vita Mix Drink Machine commercial blender does the same thing for juice bars and smoothie stands that the Vita-Prep does for professional chefs. This workhorse is five times as powerful as many other so-called equivalent blenders, and will simply not let you down. Again, with a two-plus peak horsepower motor that runs at 37,000 RPM, any drink you want is yours in no time.

To find out more about Vita Mix commercial blender choices, contact our consultants at Harvest Essentials. We're happy to give you all the details you need to make the right choice. Plus, we'll process your order immediately so you can take full advantage of your new blender in a matter of days.