One of the top names in blenders, Vita Mix offers a wide range of options, starting with high-end consumer-level blenders. Harvest Essentials is the best source on the Internet for Vita Mix blenders, which we offer at heavily discounted prices every day, coupled with free shipping within the continental United States. We also process orders immediately, so our customers usually see their Vita Mix blenders within days.

On the consumer end, Vita Mix offers the VitaMix 4500 TurboBlend blender. This is possibly the most powerful consumer-level blender you have ever used. Its blending abilities, speed choice, power, and consistency far out-perform just about any other blender built for the home kitchen.

Choose Vita Mix for Professional Kitchens
On the commercial end of blenders, the Vita Mix Touch & Go 35100 blender is perfect for drinks of any kind and can blend them on different pre-set cycles while you take care of other tasks. The Vita Mix Vita-Prep commercial blender runs at 37,000 RPM and performs hour after hour in thousands of commercial kitchens around the world. The Vita Mix commercial blenders are considered staples of professional kitchens everywhere.

Choose your Vita Mix blenders with the help of our consultants at Harvest Essentials. We know these blenders in detail and can help match your tasks to the right blender at the right price. Contact Harvest Essentials today by clicking on "Live Chat" or by calling us toll-free.