Known for its flawless pureeing and blending abilities, the Vita Mix 4500 TurboBlend blender is commonly seen in both home and commercial environments. Serious home cooks and bakers love the Vita Mix 4500 blender for its consistency and ability to deliver quality results across the entire blending spectrum. This blender is also a true workhorse that proves itself with a five-year warranty.

Harvest Essentials brings you this exceptional blender for 17 percent off its retail value. This is not a one-time special, but rather an everyday price. You'll be amazed at the power you get for the price. The Vita Mix 4500 has more than two horsepower in its motor, which explains its ability to crush half a gallon of ice cubes in less than five seconds.

You Get More Features with the Vita Mix 4500 Blender
The Vita Mix 4500 motor has two speeds and an enclosed blade assembly made of stainless steel with sealed ball bearings. You'll enjoy the reliability and flexibility of the Vita Mix 4500 blender when you try the more than 200 recipes included in the accompanying recipe book. For even more information on the VitaMix 4500 blender, just ask our juicer consultants at Harvest Essentials.

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