When you are looking for a quality juicer, one thing to keep in mind is the amount of pulp ejected from the juicer. If you are juicing something as simple as an orange, you will have some amount of pulp left over. If the pulp is wet and has a lot of color to it, the fruit has not been completely stripped of every last drop of juice. If the pulp is dry and pale, you have all of the juice possible.

The Super Angel juicer makes use of a powerful three horsepower motor and two-stage gear system to squeeze out all of the juice possible. The three-stage screen system maximizes the juice output and filters out all of the pulp. You'll notice that juices are richer and darker compared to entry-level juicers. The pulp left behind by the Super Angel juicer is very dry and pale.

Safety and the Super Angel Juicer

The Super Angel juicer comes with built in sensors to keep track of the heat generated by the motor and moving parts, and shuts down the juicer to keep it from overheating. The reverse action provides a simple way to resolve stubborn jamming problems that can occur while juicing. The rocker switch makes sure the juicer operates under the careful care of the user.

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