Almost every electric juicer uses a certain amount of stainless steel in its construction. Less expensive models of juicers typically have less stainless steel and more plastic or nylon pieces. Mid-level priced juicers have a mix of stainless steel and plastic or nylon. The best juicers, including those that are commercial grade, are made almost entirely out of stainless steel, from the outside housing to the inner mechanisms driving the juicer.

If you have been juicing for a while and use a juicer on a regular basis (several times a week or more), you should consider purchasing a stainless steel juicer in the mid-level to high-level range. You want a juicer with the ability to last for many years to come, even when you throw difficult greens and nuts into it. You can even purchase a stainless steel juicer with extra attachments to allow you to make breadsticks and pastas.

Top Brands for a Stainless Steel Juicer

The Super Angel line of stainless steel juicers are a top of the line juicer featuring a twin auger system for squeezing every drop of juice from everything put in it. The Green Star juicers use a number of design innovations, including magnetized parts to create a high quality juicer. The Champion juicers feature stainless steel construction through and through and can create rich and healthy juices time after time.

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