Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest sources of nutrients because it contains amino acids, minerals, enzymes and fiber. It is also said to be good for the digestive system and the prevention of diseases like cancer and heart disease. Wheatgrass is usually ingested as a juice, but not all juicers are able to extract it. The Solo Star Juicer was made specifically to extract juice from wheatgrass, but it also works well with other vegetables and fruit.

The Solo Star is in the category of single auger juicers. These juicers extract the juice by crushing the cut up food into the walls, running at a low speed. Juicers that run at high speeds tend to add a lot of foam, heat and oxygen to the juice. The foam takes up space, the heat breaks down the nutrients (vitamins and enzymes), and the oxygen lead to fast decay. The low RPM of a Solo Star juicer protects the delicate contents of the juice.

The Improved Solo Star Juicer

The Solo Star II is the newer version of this brand of juicer. The improved auger is bigger and extracts more juice, leaving a dryer pulp. This juicer continues to be versatile, converting from a sorbet-maker to a pasta presser in a few easy steps. It even works as a mill and a grinder, to grind your favorite spices.

At Harvest Essentials, we offer both the American and international versions of the Solo Star Juicer. The international model is set to work at 220v or 240v, depending on your country. Contact our Juicer consultants for help with this and any other questions you may have. They may be reached by phone toll free or via our live online chat.