Finding the right smoothie blenders doesn't have to be a chore when you come to Harvest Essentials. We've pre-selected all the best and most cost-effective models so you don't have to wade through any sub-par products. More frequently, blenders are being designed specifically for drinks such as the smoothie, making it even easier to get just the right model for the task.

The VitaMix Drink Machine commercial blender is the perfect example of a drink-specific machine that gives you two-speeds you can control manually or automatically for the perfect smoothie every time. One of the auto settings works brilliantly for smoothies in particular. It starts your drink on low and whips it up to high speed automatically for the final seconds.

Smoothie Blenders for Every Budget
Lower on the price scale, but still of great quality, is the Tribest Personal Blender/Grinder. This compact, well-built model has a design that's simple to use, simple to clean, and is even portable for parties. It offers two modes: a pulsing and a blend/grind mode for your entire smoothie needs.

These and many more smoothie blenders are available at Harvest Essentials at discounted prices every single day. Not only are we proud to offer discounts up to 40 percent, but we also place a strong emphasis on the quality of our customer service. Finally, you'll enjoy free shipping to the continental U.S., as well as super-fast delivery.