Samson juicers have been featured on NBC News because of the numerous health benefits associated with juicing. For years, people have used various mixtures of herbs, fruits and vegetables to settle a variety of physical ailments. Today, scientists are researching all of the different nutritional elements in various kinds of fruits and vegetables, looking for possible health benefits.

You can find almost every kind of vitamin in the world in pill format at a store near you or online. Multi-vitamins have been available for years and provide a day's worth of vitamins in one or two easy to swallow pills. While vitamin pills provide certain nutrients, they are missing many elements that are found in fresh produce.

Get Fresh Nutrients with a Samson Ultra Juicer

When you use a juicer, like the Samson Ultra juicer, you can get all of the vitamins, minerals and other elements found in carrots, tomatoes, apples and all other fruits and vegetables. Although it may take a few more minutes to juice the produce, clean the juicer and drink the juice than it does to pop a few pills, the health benefits are well worth the extra time. In fact, Samson designed the Ultra juicer to make juicing and cleaning as fast and easy as possible.

At Harvest Essentials, we keep the Samson Ultra juicer in stock and ready to ship. After your order is processed, we usually ship it the same day. If you are not sure if a Samson Ultra juicer is right for your, our professional juicer consultants are standing by to answer your questions via our toll free number or online live chat.