Cancer has become one of the biggest health problems in the US and beyond in recent decades. Combine an increased exposure to dangerous chemicals and carcinogens, and a less than healthy diet for many and you've got a recipe for problems. The National Cancer Institute advises people eat at least five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day. You can condense these eight servings of fruits and vegetables into a couple of different juice servings each day.

By simply placing an apple in the juicer, pressing the "on" button, catching the juice in a glass and drinking it, you have completed one serving of fruit for the day. You can mix and match various fruits and vegetables to create health-increasing drinks full of flavor. The Samson Twin Gear juicer can process everything you want to use to meet the daily serving recommendations.

Make More Than Juice with a Samson Twin Gear Juicer

When you purchase a Samson Twin Gear juicer, you purchase much more than a juicer. If you need to make a nice pat? for an appetizer, you can do it with the juicer. Want to make fresh almond butter? The Samson Twin Gear juicer can make the butter of your choice. Try making a smooth tasting sorbet in your favorite flavor. You can even make a number of different homemade pastas where you control the ingredients.

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