The Samson Twin Gear juice extractor makes use of the next generation of juicer technology. Before juicers, people had to smash and squish fruits to get to the precious juice within. Next, they would have to use various kinds of presses to squash fruits into submission. Lemons, oranges and other citrus-based fruits had to be processed with a specially designed juicer you press and twist the fruit on.

With the use of small electric appliances, juicing has become easier than ever. Most people are familiar with food processors that cut fruit into very small pieces. Physically straining the juice took a few minutes but was faster than older manual methods. Appliances made specifically for juicing came next, making use of blades like those in a food processor and a built-in screen to take out the pulp. The single spinning auger juicer came a little later.

Modern Samson Twin Gear Extractor

The latest innovation in a juice extractor can be seen in the Samson Twin Gear extractor. The Samson Twin Gear model makes use of two separate augers, spinning toward each other to chew the produce placed within. The two augers are located millimeters apart so only the juice and the smallest amount of pulp can pass through. Almost every drop of juice possible is chewed and squeezed out of the produce you place in the Samson Twin Gear extractor.

At Harvest Essentials, we keep a solid supply of Twin Gear juicers made by Samson in stock. Once your order is place, we will quickly process it to minimize the delay in shipping your juicer. In fact, you can have the twin gear juicers working for you within 10 days of your purchase.