Fiber is one of the most important parts of any diet, as it contributes to your body's waste management system. Many people go to the store to purchase man made fiber to help their body when they could get the same results by eating the proper amounts of fruit every day. The difficulty with eating fruit is that your body may not get all of the possible fiber available within it.

When you juice fruit, the juicer helps break down indigestible fiber in the fruits you already love. For example, instead of getting one to five percent of the fiber from a carrot, you can ingest 100 percent of the fiber possible. As you drink the juice, you are also providing the fiber to your body faster than if you eat the fruit raw because liquids are digested faster than solids.

Get All the Fiber from Samson Juicers

The Samson juicers only use the masticating method, using one or two augers to create the desired juices. The augers create the most juice possible from each piece of produce and leave the maximum quantity of nutrients and fiber in the juice. The slow turning speed of the augers also promotes the creation of the healthiest juices, as the low speed helps maintain a high level of enzymes.

At Harvest Essentials, we stock all of the different Samson Juicers currently on the market. When you place your order, our staff simply walks over to the shelf to pull the juicer to ship it to you--there's no waiting for items on back order. As a bonus, we do not charge extra for shipping and handling on Samson Juicers for customers in the contiguous United States.