Before 1992, juicer choices were very limited. There were only a few companies making juicers and there were very few types to choose from. Curtis C. Choe was looking for a better juicer than the one he was using but could not find one that met his needs. Choe decided to design and create a more efficient juicer and the OSCAR single auger juicer was soon born.

A single auger juice extractor uses a big metal auger, which looks similar to a drill bit with teeth, to chew the fruits and vegetables. The auger spins at around 100 RPMs (rotations per minute) with very little space between the auger and the pipe it operates in. As the produce is pulled along the auger, the juice is created from the chewing and pressure involved. The juice comes out of the juice extractor at the end of the auger.

OSCAR Becomes the Samson Juice Extractor

As time went by, Choe's company caught the eye of another company that wanted to use the same auger juice extracting system. A new name was needed for the OSCAR and Choe decided to go with the name Samson, creating the new Samson Juice Extractor. The Samson juice extractor technology caught on and many other juicer companies have made use of the single auger juice extractor system.

At Harvest Essentials, we carry the current model of the Samson juice extractor. This juice extractor will serve you well for many years to come, without mechanical problems as long as you properly care for it. Speed is a priority of our, which is why when you order from us, we will ship your juicer within 24 hours of processing your payment.