If you've heard mention of the so-called RPM blender, chances are it's the Pro RPM blender model RB75 from Waring. One of the most trusted names in consumer kitchen appliances produces this powerful yet affordable blender, and Harvest Essentials brings it to you for 33 percent off the retail price. It's a great way to get all the blending ability you need at home, without paying too much to get it.

The Waring Pro RPM blender has become a staple of wedding registries because of its cool stainless steel retro look. The retro rocket-like base also holds the brightly colored RPM meter displaying the speed at which the blender is working. The Waring Pro RPM makes a great gift for not only newlyweds, but also anyone wishing for a top-quality blender that they'd proud to display on their counter.

RPM Blender Comes with Power and Style
The Waring Pro RPM blender has a 500-watt one-half horsepower motor for real blending power, plus a handy pulse feature. The 48-ounce jar makes cooking and baking easier by displaying measurements in English and metric. Check out the Waring Pro RPM blender at Harvest Essentials, and give our consultants a call or click "Live Chat" to discuss any further questions you might have regarding any of our products.

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