Retro kitchen appliances have become all the rage in recent years as consumers embrace the value of good household design. Home chefs realize that kitchen appliances don't have to be purely functional and ugly, but rather can be sleek and modern, or funky and retro. The Waring Pro RPM blender model RB75 is a great example of funky retro chic that not only looks great, but also works beautifully.

At Harvest Essentials, we carry a variety of blenders for consumer and commercial use. Among them is the Waring Pro RPM model, which offers the most retro look of all. The brushed stainless steel base is straight out of the 1950s with its futuristic look, making it a fun addition to your countertop at home. The Waring Pro RPM blenders make excellent gifts, as well.

Retro Blenders that Function Well
Retro style, however, can still deliver the goods. The Waring Pro RPM features a 500-watt one-half horsepower motor that is professionally rated, so you know you still get all the blending ability you need. The base even features a fun-looking RPM meter so you can tell how much power you're providing as you blend. The 48-ounce jar also features measurements on the side, so you can do your measuring right in the blender.

Harvest Essentials offers these great retro blenders for under $150, which is more than 30 percent off the retail price. Take advantage of our everyday low prices and our everyday free shipping to the continental U.S. We also offer superior customer service, and our consultants can be reached toll free or via live chat.