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Some of our favorite tried and tested brands include BlendTec and VitaMix, among others. Recent years have seen an exponential improvement in the technology behind these seemingly simple kitchen appliances, so that the professional kitchen can now use blenders to replace grinders and other food processors.

Professional Blenders with Serious Power
BlendTec and VitaMix both offer exceptional professional blenders that do double and triple duty in restaurant environments. The BlendTec HP3-A 1500-watt three-horsepower professional blender has the advanced pre-set cycle technology that helps you cut your prep time significantly. The VitaMix Vita Prep commercial blender is another workhorse that will not let you down. Its 37,000 RPM action will keep your kitchen humming.

At Harvest Essentials, we also carry outstanding blenders for the professional smoothie and bar markets, also by BlendTec and VitaMix. We stand by these excellent companies and give you the low prices that let you get an even higher level of machine for your money. If you have any questions as you browse among our professional blenders, just click on "Live Chat," or call the Harvest Essentials consultants here toll-free. We look forward to helping you soon.