When it comes to personal blenders, Tribest makes one of the very best. This combination blender and grinder is built for portability and power, so you can keep it tucked away at home for all of your blending needs. You can also take it on vacation, to friends' houses, to a picnic, or anywhere else you need on-the-spot blending and grinding capabilities.

Harvest Essentials is proud to offer more than a 10 percent discount on Tribest personal blenders, plus free shipping within the continental United States. We stand behind every blender and kitchen machine we sell, and the Tribest personal blenders are among our favorites. Usually, with a portable appliance one is forced to give up something on the power end. This isn't the case with the Tribest personal blender.

Discover Personal Blenders from Tribest
In fact, its 200 watts can crush ice easily. It's also up to the task of making soups, puddings, salsas, baby foods, pat?s, and more. It even has two modes: the pulsing function and the continuous operation mode. The Tribest personal blenders are also designed for fast and easy clean up, thanks to the brilliant engineers at Tribest.

If you have any questions regarding the capabilities of Tribest personal blenders, just give our consultants a call toll free, or find them online via our "Live Chat" button. We're here to help consumers and professionals sort through all the great blender choices we offer. Our experts have firsthand experience with all of the products we carry, so don't hesitate to take advantage of their knowledge.