Enzymes are one of the most important building blocks in your body. They serve as the catalyst for hundreds of thousands of different chemical reactions for digestion, food absorption and food conversion. If your body does not have the proper amount of healthy enzymes, your body will not function at 100 percent and may leave you feeling tired and lifeless. While you may eat plenty of food, the enzymes will not be available to properly process the food to get the maximum energy and nutrients possible.

Fruit juices are a well-known source of enzymes for your body. Unfortunately, the enzymes can be easily destroyed by exposure to heat. In fact, the juice created in a manufacturing plant may be exposed to a certain amount of enzyme destroying heat. When you juice your own vegetables and fruit, you are in control of the amount of heat the juice is exposed to and you are guaranteed to have the freshest juice possible.

Low Temperature Omega Juicers

All juicers increase the temperature of the produce to some extent but some low quality juicers can actually produce a large amount of heat as the produce goes through the juicing process. Omega juicers are specially designed to keep the juice away from the heat of the motor and other parts that can create a higher temperature of juice. The Omega 8003 and 8005 juicers provide the smallest temperature change.

At Harvest Essentials, we can help you find the right Omega juicer for your juicing needs. Our juicer consultants have years of juicing experience and are ready to help you via a toll free phone call or an online live chat. Let us have the pleasure of setting you up with a great Omega juicer today.