The Omega 9000 juicer is largely based on the very popular Omega 1000 model. The 1/3 horsepower induction motor spins the cutting blades at an optimum speed of 3,600 RPMs. The blades create a small tornado of juice inside the bowl. As the juice spins, it finds its way to the large juice chute on the exterior of the juicer and out into the juice pitcher.

The Omega 9000 is the top of the line centrifugal based juicer from Omega. The juicer is large enough to process sufficient fruits and vegetables for a large family in a matter of a few minutes. The 9000 model is also approved for commercial applications because of its size and the volume of produce it can process at once. The classic white colors and styling will look great in any kitchen or restaurant.

Long Life Omega 9000 Juicer

You can expect your Omega 9000 juicer to last you over 15 years, which is also the length of its warranty. If you have any problems with the blade not spinning properly, the motor no longer operating or any other mechanical problems, Omega will document and review the issue and repair or replace the model as is required. Omega juicers have been around for a long time and will be available in the future to take care of any warranty needs you may have.

At Harvest Essentials, we have the Omega 9000 juicer in stock right now. If you choose to purchase this juicer, we will ship it to you at no extra charge if you qualify. Our expert juicer consultants can help you if you have any questions during the purchasing process. Simply call our toll free number or join an online chat.