The Omega 02 juicer is a smaller version of the model 4000. It's the perfect choice for people looking for a good juicer on a smaller scale. This centrifugal style of juicer uses a blade spinning at a speed of up to 6200 RPMs to turn your favorite fruits and vegetables into healthy drinks quickly. The "feed chute" allows a considerable amount of juice to leave the chopping chamber quickly, so you can fill your glass with juice without wait.

If you are going on vacation or out of town for a job assignment, the Omega 02 juicer can be the perfect travel mate. The Omega 02 is less than 11 inches tall and weighs less than seven pounds, making it one of the most portable quality juicers available. Even though this juicer is small, it uses a powerful l/3 horsepower motor to meet your needs.

The Warranty On an Omega 02 Juicer

A good warranty is important for any juicer you purchase for a couple of reasons. The Omega 02 juicer warranty provides you with five years of peace of mind that your juicer will be repaired if it fails due to workmanship issues. Simply put--a five-year warranty means that your juicer will have a long thanks to the quality components used for its construction.

At Harvest Essentials, when you see the Omega 02 juicer on our website you can rest assured that it's in stock on our shelves. While some companies have to order their juicers from the supplier before it is sent to you, we can ship your order the day it is received. You will enjoy rich, thick juices within 10 days of your purchase.