The L'Equip Visor juicer is one of the most versatile juicers available on the market. This juicer does not use blades, like the 110.5 and 221 models, but instead uses a single grinding auger to chew the food and grind out all of the juice possible. The auger on the Visor rotates extremely slowly to keep the temperature of the produce low and to preserve the nutrients inherent to the produce you are juicing.

When you use the Visor juicer, produce is dropped into the processing chamber where it is pulled into the auger. The juice is released at the end of the auger after being completely processed. Just before the end of the auger, a release valve allows all of the dry pulp to fall free from the juicer. The Visor juicer also comes with a cup for the juice and a cup to catch all of the pulp created.

Additional Uses for the L'Equip Visor Juicer

Many juicers tend to become decorations for kitchen countertops when they are not being used for juicing. You can use the L'Equip Visor juicer as a food processor to quickly take care of many other kitchen duties by simple changing out a blade and a couple of other pieces. You can also grind your grains for healthier pastas and other foods. The accompanying pasta maker actually lets you create five different kinds of fresh pasta for you and your family to enjoy.

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