The L'Equip pulp ejector juicer uses centrifugal force to create juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables. When you put the produce in the juicer, it is met with a stainless steel blade spinning very fast that pushes the juice and pieces of the produce outward. You can compare this to a food processor with a blade installed. When you chop an onion or anything else, you can see the onion pieces being chopped and thrown to the outer edges of the container on the processor.

With the L'Equip pulp ejector juicer, a specially designed hole is on the outside wall of the juicer where the juice is allowed to escape from the spinning blade. A screen makes sure the pulp does not enter your juice pitcher--only pure juice directly from the source. During the juicing process, the resulting pulp is sent on the fast track to the back of the juicer where a pulp wastebasket is waiting.

Available LEquip Pulp Ejector Juicer Models

If you juice occasionally, like a couple of times a week, or juice for yourself and another person or two, you should consider the L'Equip pulp ejector juicer model 110.5. The 221 model L'Equip juicer is larger (not twice as large) than the 110.5 and will provide more juice quickly for more people. The warranties for these juicers are six years and 12 years respectively.

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