Pulp happens. Every time you juice produce you will have some amount of leftover particles. How your juicer deals with these leftovers (pulp) and whether or not it ends up in your glass of juice depends on how your juicer processes the pulp. The L'Equip mini pulp ejector juicer model 110.5 uses a specially designed system to remove the pulp from the produce so it does not end up in your glass.

When you place produce in the top of the L'Equip mini pulp ejector juicer, a blade spinning at 10,000 RPMs will go to work chopping the produce into little pieces and creating juice. The pulp travels along a path up and away from the juicing process and toward the back of the juicer. A wastebasket waits for the pulp so you do not have to worry about cleaning up the pulp. All you have to do is dump the pulp out of the wastebasket.

No Clogging with the LEquip Mini Pulp Ejector

If you have experience with juicers, you know that pulp can clog up the grinding and processing of produce. With its proprietary pulp ejection system, the L'Equip mini pulp ejector model 110.5 never clogs because the pulp is lifted out of the way. You will spend more time creating the juices you want to drink and less time cleaning your juicer.

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