Known for their excellent juicers, the brand L'Equip has now entered the blender arena in a big way. Their blenders combine serious power with exquisite style, so you'll be proud to display l'Equip blenders on the counter. At Harvest Essentials, we carry the L'Equip Model 228 RPM blender, which features a 900-watt motor and a beautifully designed look.

The brushed stainless steel base has been molded into a four-sided flat-topped pyramid that is instantly eye-catching. Housed in the base is a tachometer, showing the RPM range, which goes from 500 to 20,000 RPMs. Unlike some sleek blenders that have no power to them, the L'Equip Model 228 is a powerful machine that just happens to look great.

The Features of L'Equip Blenders
In addition to the stainless steel blade assembly and the strong polycarbonate pitcher, the Model 228 from L'Equip also features a smoothie stick and helpful funnel cone. The cone lets you run the blender while you add anything you want with ease, from oils to flavoring syrups and more. Find out why L'Equip blenders are quickly becoming as popular as their juicers by trying the Model 228 blender.

Harvest Essentials is proud to carry this blender and all of our other high-quality blenders from top manufacturers. If you're not sure if the Model 228 is right for you, or simply have comparison questions, click on "Live Chat" to talk with our customer service representatives. We use our products, as well, so we have all the answers you need at Harvest Essentials.