The L'Equip 228 900-watt blender is a blender for those who like a powerful machine that looks exquisite on the counter. The unique brushed stainless steel of the 228's base gives it a sleek modern look, and the built in tachometer is both a useful and fun feature. Great for everything from daiquiris to mayonnaise, you'll love the versatility and power of the L'Equip 228.

Known already for its exceptional juicers, L'Equip brings their understanding of fruit juice extraction to the 228 blender. The tamper stick allows you to stir your smoothie or other thick liquid while it's running, without endangering yourself or any utensil. Its unique funnel cone feature also lets you add syrups, oils and more as it runs, for a perfect blend every time.

The L'Equip 228 Blender Has It All
The powerful 228 900-watt motor is designed to let you expand your idea of what a blender can do. Variable switches for speed and an on-off toggle give you even more flexibility. L'Equip offers an impressive six-year warranty of the 228 blender, as they know that it's a solidly built machine. At Harvest Essentials, we're able to offer the L'Equip 228 blender for up to 11 percent off of retail every day.

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