The L'Equip 221 juicer has become one of the most popular juicers created by L'Equip. The developers of the 221 included many innovations to give customers an opportunity to create great tasting juices quickly and easily. The 221 model reduces the amount of foam created while juicing by using lower RPMs than most other pulp ejection juicers.

Pulp causes many problems for people juicing a large amount of produce. The 221 lifts the pulp out of the juicing mechanism and transports it to the back of the unit and into a waste container. If you have a lot of juicing to do, you can replace the waste container with a plastic bag to catch all of the pulp. Also, the pulp moving system means less clogging for you to fix while juicing.

Power and Precision of the L'Equip 221 Juicer

The L'Equip 221 juicer uses a computer component to constantly measure the spinning rate of the cutting blades, and adjusts the spinning rate to match the juicing need. The ? horsepower motor spins blades at a minimum of 3,540 RPM to quickly break down produce for processing. The 221 model juicer by L'Equip comes with a standard 12 year warranty to protect you against potential failures caused by workmanship.

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