Once consumers are willing to enter the blender market at a certain price point, kitchen blenders become amazingly powerful and multi-faceted. At Harvest Essentials, we love to help consumers get even better quality kitchen blenders than they thought possible, by keeping our prices discounted every single day. Our selection of kitchen blenders includes only those that we believe are well-built, cost-efficient choices.

In the middle of the range is the VitaMix 4500 TurboBlend blender. This may be one of the best kitchen blenders you've ever worked with. It reaches blending speeds of 218 miles per hour, giving you the perfect blend for sauces, salsas, ice cubes, smoothies, and more. Toss in just about any ingredient, including cheeses, vegetables, and fruit, and you get just the right blend at two different speeds. We offer the VitaMix 4500 TurboBlend for 17 percent off its retail price.

Kitchen Blenders with More to Offer
For even more variety, try the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine. This blender-mixer combination is a powerful space saver and scrimps on neither the blender nor the mixer. The unit has three speeds plus a pulse button, and the mixer can knead up to 12 pounds of bread dough. Watch whole meals arise from this exceptional machine. Plus, you'll save 13 percent off the retail price at Harvest Essentials.

If you're having trouble deciding on the right kitchen machine among our large inventory, just contact our consultants at Harvest Essentials. You can click on "Live Cha" or call us toll free anytime. We want you to be thrilled with your choice and will work to make sure that you are.