If you operate a smoothie stand or juice bar, you know there's a big difference between a juicer that gets used in the home once a week, and industrial juicers that must perform virtually non-stop every day that a business is open. At Harvest Essentials, we carry an enormous selection of both consumer and industrial juicers. We keep our prices close to wholesale and shipping is always free in the continental U.S.

Depending on what type of juice you're selling, you'll need the professional juicers that are designed for that purpose. Harvest Essentials has the style, method, and model for every establishment, and the customer service to help you find the right one easily. Choose from centrifugal, masticating, triturating juicers, and more at Harvest Essentials.

Exceptional Industrial Juicers
One of the top-of-the-line juicers seen in many industrial environments is the Nutrifaster 450 commercial juicer. This one-horsepower juicer can produce a quart of juice in mere seconds. For high-volume constant fruit and vegetable juicing needs, this is the gold standard. If your needs are purely wheatgrass, for instance, the Sundance Workhorse II commercial wheatgrass juicer is the perfect fit. Used by Wild Oats, Whole Foods, and Jamba Juice, this Sundance model is built for serious results.

Let our online live customer service juicer consultants help you make just the right choice in professional juicers. As soon as you decide and place your order, we'll get your order processed the same day. Choose Harvest Essentials for your industrial juicers and other quality discounted health food machines.