When blender drinks are your livelihood, your business needs industrial blenders that are up to the task. Whether you're mixing smoothies or piňa coladas, your blender and any back-up blenders must have the horsepower and components that you can count on to perform day after day. At Harvest Essentials, blenders are one of our several specialties, and due to popular demand, our selection skews toward industrial grade products.

At Harvest Essential, we carry a wide range of industrial blenders so you can get into the product line at just about any price point. In addition, we keep our prices discounted every day of the year, and shipping is always free within the lower 48 states. Finally, we only carry the leading commercial blender brands, such as Waring, VitaMix, Bosch, and BlendTec, guaranteeing that our customers are getting top quality products.

A Broad Range of Industrial Blenders
You can get great performance for under $200 with the Waring Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender from Harvest Essential. On the other end of the scale is the VitaMix35100 Touch & Go blender, designed with busy food establishments in mind. Drink mix times are pre-programmed so it works perfectly, even when unattended. Its motor was designed by a NASA engineer, and as a result, can blend right near your customers without disrupting their conversations.

To learn more about any of our industrial blenders simply click on our "Live Chat" feature. You can also speak directly with one of our knowledgeable juicer consultants via our toll free phone number. We look forward to helping you find the right product to help your business run smoothly.