When compared to other juicers, independent laboratories have found that twin gear technology has the ability to retain 50 to 200 percent higher concentrations of minerals, such as iron, zinc and calcium, as compared to other juicer technologies. The slow and powerful twin gears reduce damage to juice caused by heat from a fast moving motor and fast spinning blades.

Because the twin gears move slowly, you don't have to worry about any metal pieces from the juicer being blended into your juice. The slower moving twin gears also eliminate the chemical residue that exists in some high-speed juicers. Another benefit of the lower RPMs is the reduced oxidation of the juice. You can juice a day's worth of fruits and vegetables and keep the juice in the refrigerator without any quality degradation.

Exclusive Magnets in Green Star Twin Gear Juicer

The Green Star Twin Gear juicer id the only juicer with magnetic twin gears. As the juice passes through the gears, the magnetic field enhances the quality of minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. With most other juicers, you have to drink the juice immediately. Because of the effect created by the magnetic field, juice from the Green Star Twin Gear juicer can be good for up to 24 hours. Additionally, the magnets can actually mellow the taste of more powerful green juices (while maintaining their nutrients).

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