Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a Green Star juice extractor is the cellular cleansing it can help with. The cells in your body undergo constant changes, with old cells dying and new cells being created all of the time. The nutrients found in juice quickly pass through your digestive system and into your body where they can provide help on a cellular level.

Your liver is responsible for cleansing the body and creating new cells. High quality juices have been shown to promote liver health by aiding in its detoxification and cleansing. Many people report a general increase in vitality and health as a result of juicing fruits and vegetables. A big part of these feelings is due to improved liver functions. A Green Star juice extractor will provide you with years of high quality, life-enhancing juice.

More Than a Green Star Juice Extractor

When you purchase a Green Star juice extractor, you will quickly discover that this appliance is more than a simple juicer. You can use the Green Star juicer to extract the powerful nutrients in wheatgrass, herbs, sprouts and many different green leafy vegetables. You can also use the mill to homogenize food to make nut based butters, frozen fruit sorbets and smoothies, and even healthy baby food. With the 3000 and Gold models, you can even create your own pasta, great raw breadsticks and Japanese style rice cakes.

At Harvest Essentials, we want you to enjoy all of the health benefits available from using the Green Star juice extractor. To make this juicer easier to afford, we offer a price well below the suggested retail price. Our juicer consultants can help you pick the Green Star model you need through our toll free number or a live online chat session.