Juicing is not a trend--it is a healthy way of living. You can contain several servings of fruit or vegetables in a single glass, making your intake of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes fast and easy. The Green Star Gold Juicer makes it simple to make juicing a daily part of your life.

"Easy to use," "simple to assemble" and "durable" are some of the phrases regularly used to describe the Green Star Gold Juicer. This juicer is also tough and versatile. It can work on hard root vegetables, fibrous vegetables and leafy greens. It can also be used to make food ranging from baby food to Japanese rice cakes.

The Quiet Green Star Gold Juicer

The Green Star Gold Juicer is also very quiet. It runs at a low speed of 110 RPM. Thanks to its low speed, this juicer won't heat up your juice and won't destroy the nutrients found within. Additionally, it won't let much air in, reducing the oxidation factor. This helps keep your juice fresh for as long as 48 hours. The parts for the Green Star Gold Juicer include two plungers, one glass juicing bowl, one coarse screen, one fine screen, a homogenizing blank, rice cake attachment and pasta making attachment.

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