So you want to improve your diet but find it difficult to eat those green vegetables? No problem. Consider buying a juicer. Juicers make it easier for you to "eat" your vegetables. They are very efficient in stripping off the nutrients contained in the fibers of the produce along with the juice. When you are ready to purchase a juicer, consider the Green Star 2000. At Harvest Essentials, we recommend this juicer for its many useful features.

The Green Star 2000 is part of a line of juicers that are considered extremely efficient. Using twin gears, it grinds the fruit or vegetable up, and then squeezes the juice out of the pulp. It generates very little heat during operation, so the nutrients from the produce are not lost. The Green Star 2000 can juice leafy vegetables as well--even wheatgrass (a feat not commonly found among juicers). The Green Star 2000 Juicer also uses the patented magnetic and bio-ceramic technology, which keeps juice fresh longer.

The Ease of the Green Star 200 Juicer

Another advantage of the Green Star 2000 is that you don't have to constantly interrupt the juicing process to remove pulp. The juicer actually does that automatically. Finally, the Green Star 2000 is easy to clean, a feature that is sure to encourage constant use.

At Harvest Essentials, we also want you to enjoy the free bonus gift that you'll receive when you purchase a Green Star 2000 Juicer. Learn new recipes to use with your juicer when you select "Living with Green Power" or enhance the fruit juicing process with the Soft Adjustment Knob. If you have questions, we would love to help. Simply contact us via our toll free number or online live chat.