The Green Power Juicer falls into the category of juicers with twin gears. Twin gears means that there are two gears that work together to squeeze the juice out of your vegetable or fruit. Both gears are the same size and length, and they spin in opposite directions with the fruit or vegetable between them.

The Green Power Juicer is one of three juicers that are widely considered to be top of the line. Its twin gear process of juicing is more efficient than the centrifugal and mastication method that most juicers use. Simply put--it produces more juice. This juicer also creates juice with the highest amount of nutrients because it uses Bioceramic and magnetic technologies. These technologies help pull the nutrients out of the produce.

Healthier Juice with the Green Power Juicer

The low speed at which the Green Power Juicer operates reduces the amount of oxygen in the juice. Oxidization causes the breakdown of cells, which leads to the decay of food. It is always best, however, to drink your juice immediately in order to enjoy the full benefits of fresh juice. This juicer is also excellent at juicing hard vegetables, and can make food such as breadsticks, pasta and even piecrusts. It goes without saying that Green Power Juicers are versatile.

In order to make the Green Power Juicer more accessible to our customers, we at Harvest Essentials offer this product at a considerable discount. Ordering is fast and easy via our website, and shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states. Contact our juicer consultants toll free or online with our live chat, if you have any questions.