In the world of kitchen appliances, electric blenders are critical machines that reflect a wide range of quality. At Harvest Essentials, we have pared down the electric blender choices we offer so that we carry only well-designed and well-built models from reputable manufacturers. We then offer these models to our consumer and commercial customers with deep discounts.

Browse our website and choose among BlendTec electric blenders, VitaMix, Bosch, Waring, L'Equip, and Tribest. Although these products still reflect a wide range of electric blender choices, they represent only high-quality choices across the spectrum. These include blenders that range from the Waring Pro RB75 at under $150 to the VitaMix 35100 Touch & Go 48-ounce electric blender for just under $1,100.

Get Help in Choosing among Electric Blenders
We love giving people "more blender than they thought they could afford" at Harvest Essentials. We also want to make sure that our customers are getting the exact specs and abilities that you're looking for in a blender. Contact our consultants anytime by clicking on "Live Chat" or by calling us toll free. We'll ask you a few questions to determine which models might give you the best value and function for your needs.

We ship all our electric blenders immediately upon receipt of online or phone orders. We also ship our blenders and other kitchen machines absolutely free within the continental United States. For a focused line of quality electric blenders and more, always choose Harvest Essentials.