Ever try to crush ice with a low-quality blender? A party can come to a grinding halt--literally--if you don't have the right kind of drink blender. At Harvest Essentials, we carry several exceptional blenders designed specifically to handle non-stop drink blending, whether at the occasional margarita party, or all day at a commercial smoothie operation.

The BlendTec Smoother commercial blender is used by several of the world's top beverage chains because it is one of the most consistently performing blenders on the market. These blenders come with a high-quality motor base that is designed for heavy usage, as well as two 64-ounce carafes for easy continuous use. At Harvest Essentials, we offer the BlendTec Smoother for almost 15 percent off its retail price.

Drink Blenders from VitaMix
The VitaMix Drink Machine is another of our outstanding blenders built specifically for handling drink after drink. With a whopping 36 percent off the retail price at Harvest Essentials, the Drink Machine will continue to amaze you. Crush a half-gallon of ice in three seconds, throw in piles of frozen fruit and watch it blend flawlessly again in seconds. The Drink Machine was built to keep blending time to a minimum, without ever failing.

If you have any questions regarding the abilities of our other drink blenders at Harvest Essentials, please let us know. Just click on "Live Chat" or call us toll free anytime and our consultants will be happy to help. Enjoy free shipping on your order within the continental U.S., and a hassle-free shopping experience with Harvest Essentials.