Over the last ten years, the smoothie has become one of the best-selling commercial eatery drinks on the market. In fact, the public has grown to expect this drink option at an increasing number of dine-in establishments. That's why, more than ever, it pays to have a high quality, quiet-running, commercial smoothie blender.

At Harvest Essentials, we help our smoothie stand and restaurant customers find the commercial blender models that will keep them running efficiently and cost-effectively. We invite you to browse through the commercial smoothie blender pages on our website. If you have any questions, you can speak live to one of our juicer consultants through our "Live Chat" button on the home page.

Great Commercial Smoothie Blender Choices
In the middle of the price range for commercial smoothie blender models is the VitaMix Vita-Prep Commercial Blender. Available at Harvest Essentials for 36 percent off the retail price, the Vita-Prep is a true workhorse, and is seen in many back-The easy clean up lets it perform several duties in one night.

The VitaMix Drink Machine commercial blender is similarly priced and is perfect for the smoothie business in particular. Its two horsepower motor can deal with handfuls of ice instantly, and it can also be set on a timer for a perfect smoothie without constant attention. These commercial smoothie blender choices are ready to be shipped the day you order them from Harvest Essentials.