Nothing can replace the exquisite taste of fresh orange juice, and quality cafes and restaurants understand this. In fact, a tall glass of orange juice brings a healthy profit margin, as well as a healthy customer. The key, however, is having a workhorse of an orange juicer built for the commercial market. At Harvest Essentials, we carry several models of citrus-specific juicers that meet our high standards, and are sure to meet yours as well.

One such juicer is the Miracle MJ500 commercial orange juice machine, which is perfect for high volumes of orange juice. French-made, the MJ500 is made from high quality stainless steel and cast aluminum, and works on the principle of centrifugal force. Its closed-cover design makes for a cleaner operation and less mess. We find that this model of orange juicer is popular among juice bars and restaurants.

Another Style of Commercial Orange Juicer
Working on the principle of extraction with an additional oscillating strainer, the Sunkist Model J1 commercial citrus juicer is designed for extended use day after day. Even more so than a standard centrifuge-style juicer, the extractor can glean even more juice from the same orange by extracting from the pulp as well. These and other orange juicer models are available at discounted prices from Harvest Essentials.

If you have further questions about what type of commercial orange juicer you should choose for your establishment, simply contact us via our online chat feature. No one else can give you such fast, friendly, and helpful service anytime. Harvest Essentials is ready to help you find the perfect commercial orange juice machine for your needs.