Whether you operate a small wheatgrass stand or a high-traffic juice bar, your juicer is obviously a critical piece of equipment. It must work efficiently and serve your precise juicing needs. At Harvest Essentials, we carry one of the broadest selections of commercial juicers from the industry's top manufacturers.

As a commercial entity, you most likely already know what type of commercial juicers you're looking for, be they centrifugal, masticating, triturating, or another category. If, however, you're adding fresh juices to a wider drink menu, then look to the juicer consultants at Harvest Essentials for advice and assistance. We offer a live chat help desk anytime you have questions on selecting the right commercial juicers.

Free Shipping for Commercial Juicers
We offer exceptional every-day discounts on all of our commercial juicers. You may be surprised, as well, at the range of price levels available. For example, you can invest less than $250 and get the outstanding, heavy-duty reliability of the Champion 2000+ commercial juicer, which uses mastication for maximum efficiency and nutrient retention. On the other end of the price scale is the centrifugal-style Miracle MJ800 Commercial Juice Extractor, which retails for $2,395.95, but which Harvest Essentials offers for $2,295.95.

In addition, you always get free shipping within the 48 contiguous states, and we ship out your order the day we receive it. See our many testimonials here on the site, and you'll understand why so many people come back to Harvest Essentials for commercial juicers and more. Browse around right now and contact us live if you have any questions on any items you see.