The difference between household juice extractors and commercial juice extractors are numerous. Household juice extractors are made of a combination of stainless steel, plastic, nylon and other inexpensive materials. Commercial units are made out of stainless steel parts for all aspects of the juicer, from the gears to the bowl.

Commercial juice extractors are made to process more produce at one time than standard household juicers. The commercial units have larger juice chutes to allow more juice to flow into the juice pitcher at a time. Some commercial units also come with a significantly longer warranty than their household counterparts.

Get the Most from Commercial Juice Extractors

If you want to offer your customers, friends or family members something extra special, look for commercial juice extractors with the ability to create sorbets. You can also use some milk and frozen fruits to create a healthy, flavorful and cooling drink, or simply extract juices to give smoothies a fruity kick. You can even use a gear based juice extractor to create soymilk, which can then also be used in the sorbet you make, for added health benefits.

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