Years ago, a new trend started in health conscious parts of the United States--freshly squeezed juice. The juice bar phenomenon has since caught on and has spread throughout the US and beyond. In fact, entire cookbooks devoted to various types of juiced fruits, vegetables and grasses can now be found in local bookstores and libraries.

One cup of properly prepared juice can provide all of the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. Because the vitamins and minerals are in liquid form, you receive the benefits of these healthy drinks very quickly. Creating the right mixtures of fruits and vegetables also provides you with a great tasting way to relax and enjoy a healthy part of your day.

Popular Commercial Citrus Juicers

Champion makes citrus juicers for use in commercial. Keep in mind that Champion is not known for creating citrus juicers that work well with wheatgrass and other leafy greens. L'Equip is another manufacturer that makes powerful commercial citrus juicers that will provide years of service (centrifugal juices do not process leafy greens). Green Star is another commercial citrus juicer maker with a reputation for quality.

If you are not sure which commercial citrus juicers will work best for your needs, our juicer consultants at Harvest Essentials can help you. Within a few minutes of talking to you, we feel confident that we can match you with the right juicer. We keep an extensive inventory in stock, so whether your order is large or small, we will ship your juicer (or juicers) a soon as your order processed.