When you compare juicers, you can easily tell the difference when you look at the juice they produce. If the juice is full of rich, dark colors, you know that the juicer is giving you the most nutrients possible. Also, look at the pulp left over after juicing. The pulp should be pale in color. In fact, the paler the pulp, the more nutrients in the juice. The Champion juice extractor does exactly that.

Taste is also a big part of any juicing experience. You want your juice to have a full-bodied taste, representing all of the nuances of the fruits and vegetables you used to make it. With a Champion juice extractor, you will enjoy a thick, rich, sweet and fresh taste, every time you use it.

Choosing a Screen for a Champion Juice Extractor

The screen is one of the most important parts of the juicer. If you want as little pulp as possible in your juice, you need to purchase a Champion juice extractor with the regular screen. On the other hand, the large-hole screen has more space for pulp to pass through and into your juice mix. You will notice as much as 50 percent more pulp with the large-hole screen as compared to the regular screen.

At Harvest Essentials, we have the right Champion juice extractor model for your juicing needs. If you have trouble deciding which juicer or screen is right for you, our juice consultants can answer your questions. They are available via our toll free number or online on our live chat.