With the increasing awareness of the relationship between health and diet, there is more of a demand for natural food items. Juicing has become a popular way for individuals to maintain a healthy diet. Some things to consider when choosing a commercial juicer include its efficiency, its versatility, its speed, its durability and its price.

When compared to other juicers, Champion Commercial Juicers are among the most efficient. This brand of commercial juicers makes short work of juicing vegetables and fruits. The masticating parts first grind, then chew the produce. This chewing process drains the pulp of the nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals, producing a dark juice that is rich in flavor and nutrient value.

Multiple Uses of Champion Commercial Juicers

If you are running a commercial venture, you might be interested in a juicer that makes more than juice. What if your customers want ice cream with natural flavors? You will be able to offer ice cream, as well as other items like nut butters and pat?, with the Champion Commercial Juicer. If you are operating a business outside the US, you will be happy to know that there is an international version of the Champion Commercial Juicer, as well.

Champion commercial Juicers operate with a low RPM, which cuts down on the amount of heat generated and the amount of oxygen mixed into the juice. These machines are built with stainless steel parts and have a 10-year guarantee. At Harvest Essentials, we offer considerable discounts on Champion Commercial Juicers. We also offer free shipping, via Standard Ground, to addresses within the United States.