No longer known as the Champ HP3 blender from K-Tec, the HP3-A 1500 three-horsepower blender from BlendTec is the updated and improved version of this already great machine. The new LED control panel lets you actually choose your blending cycles. With one touch, the job is done! The smart controls take care of all the nuances for making perfect drinks, soups, sauces, and more.

You can even replace your bread maker with the HP3-A from BlendTec. Home chefs also use it to grate cheese, prepare baby food, make coffee drinks, and juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Plus, the Champ HP3 comes with a three-year warranty on the motor and base, so you know you're getting a quality well-made machine.

We Carry the New Champ HP3 Blender and More
At Harvest Essentials, we carried the Champ HP3 blender and are now proud to carry several great machines from BlendTec, including the HP3-A blender. If you haven't bought a new blender in a while, you're in for a real treat when you discover how smart some, such as the Champ HP3, have become. Plus, at Harvest Essentials, we make these great blenders affordable by offering greatly discounted prices every day.

To learn more about the BlendTec HP3-A blender (formerly the Champ HP3 blender), contact our customer service specialists. You can click the "Live Chat" button or call them toll-free anytime to learn more. We offer free shipping to the contiguous United States and we process your order immediately upon receipt.