Omega has created many different juicers over the years, featuring a number of different juicing methods. The masticating (think of chewing or eating) juicer sends the produce over a single auger (like a drill bit with teeth) to chew through food. As the food is repeatedly crushed and pressed, the juice is extracted and flows into a juice pitcher resting at the end of the appliance.

The centrifuge Omega juicer line uses spinning blades to chop the produce into tiny particles, releasing the juice from the produce. A spout is used to allow the juice to escape the spinning blades and pour into the waiting pitcher. Exchangeable filters allow more or less pulp to enter the juice pitcher depending on your personal preferences.

Where to Buy an Omega Juicer

There are many places for you to go buy an Omega juicer. At Harvest Essentials, we believe that you will enjoy years of juicing with this well-known brand of Juicer, and we offer some of the lowest prices on Omega models. In fact, we promise to meet any verifiable price for an original, brand new Omega juicer.

Customer service should always be considered when you buy a juicer. Our juicer consultants are standing by to answer all of your questions regarding which Omega juicer model you should buy. We are concerned with fitting you with the right juicer, and not simply up sell or switch you to something we have a large stock of. If you are happy with the juicer you purchase from us, we know that you will tell others about the positive experience. Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities, and we can help you by phone or through a live online chat session.