Among the trendy modern looks for kitchen appliances, brushed stainless steel is perhaps the most popular. Manufacturers have finally caught up with discerning consumers' taste for counter-top appliances that continue a sleek, contemporary look and feel in the kitchen. At Harvest Essentials, we carry many of these items for the kitchen, often at spectacular discounts that, in many cases, you won't find anywhere else online.

An exquisite example of a powerful, yet beautiful brushed stainless steel blender is the L'Equip model 228 RPM 900-watt blender. A blender with amazing form and exceptional function, this L'Equip is helping the company make a real name for themselves in the world of blenders, as their main focus until now has been juicers. It comes with a bright tachometer located on the brushed steel base, a helpful tamper stick for tough blended drinks, and a handy funnel cone for adding oils, and flavorings while blending.

A Retro Brushed Steel Blender for Less
Another example of a brushed stainless steel blender that we love is the Waring Pro RB75 Professional RPM blender. Instead of a sleek, modern look, the Waring Pro is a retro-lover's dream. The space-age "retro-modern" design makes any kitchen area more fun. We carry this blender for 33 percent off the regular retail price.

To discuss the details and specs of our brushed stainless steel blender selection at Harvest Essentials, simply click on the "Live Chat" button, or contact us by phone toll free. Whether the blender is for you or for a friend, we can help you find just the right look and level of blender.